Logo/Fuzzy Logic
Client: Fuzzy Logic Films

Album Cover/Secret Chiefs
Client: Dance, You're On Fire

Logo/Adrenaline Industries
Client: Adrenaline Industries

T-Shirt/Dance You're On Fire
Client: Dance You're On Fire

Album Cover/Rissikstraat 95
Client: Flip A Coin

Pixel Illustration/Generation Next
Client: Sunday Times via Ochre Media

Logo/Mirovia Magazine
Client: Mirovia Magazine

Album Cover/Loneliness as an Art Form
Client: The Watermark High

Client: Frankie's Distributors

Album Cover/Sweef soos 'n Vuishou
Client: Straatligkinders

Online Game/G.I Joe
Client: Paramount Pictures via Shotopop

Illustration/Babusi ba Lehono
Client: M-Net via Clearwater

Illustration/13 Uur
Client: M-Net via Clearwater

Client: Various

Dock Icon/Diana Mini
Personal Project

Logo & Website/Kit2Kids
Employer: Toolbox Studio

Logo & Website/Africa Alive & Kicking
Employer: Toolbox Studio

Website/Baldy & Van Heerden
Employer: Baldy & Van Heerden

Employer: Toolbox Studio

Employer: Toolbox Studio

Employer: Toolbox Studio

Website/Robbie Wessels
Employer: Toolbox Studio

Online Invite/Superhero Disco
Client: S & D

Website/Allied Furnace Consultants
Employer: Toolbox Studio

Client: Straatligkinders

Website/The Watermark High
Client: The Watermark High

Illustration/Strange Episodes
Client: Entropy Management

Pixel Illustration/Pixel Bands
Personal Project

Employer: Toolbox Studio

Dock Icon/looneyTunes
Personal Project

Client: Kidofdoom

Website & Logo/Anita's Cakes
Client: Anita's Cakes

Pixel Illustration/Generation Next
Client: Sunday Times via Ochre Media

Website & Logo/Pretoria.co.za
Employer: Toolbox Studio

Illustration/Vector Creatures
Personal Project

Personal Project


Shotopop, Paramount Pictures, PrismaComms, Straatligkinder, Flip A Coin, Die Suiwelhoekie, Harrismith Berg Bohaai, The Watermark High, Dance You're On Fire, Foto Na Dans, M-Net, Exclusive Books, Clearwater, Ads24, News24, The Sunday Times, Mirovia Magazine, The Watermark High, Dance You're On Fire, Fuzzy Logic Films, Adrenaline Industries



He's quick, good and gets it done right. He won't tell you this, but he has an army of clones waiting in the other room.

-Casper Franken


Talented guy. Small hands.

-Gayle Thompson/Flame Thrower


Jacques has a "solid thought provoking aesthetic"

-MJ Turpin


Here you'll find none of the "ordinary" sausage-machine-waiting-in-line service! The attention to detail and comprehension of what I wanted was top notch!

-Madelie van Niekerk


Jacques is a cool designer that listens to your ideas and turns them into something extra special.

-Neil Van Zyl

Mirovia Magazine

Mr. Kleynhans is a superb nocturnal graphic genius. It is true what they say:'Great ideas don't keep office hours'.

-Pieter Joubert

Punchkey Productions

Jacques is a very innovative and unique designer. He wears his heart on his layout and will do whatever it takes to meet a deadline and make sure you as a client always stays first!

-Bouwer Bosch


2005 Design Indaba
PeepShow Website
2005 Loerie
PeepShow Website
2005 Loerie
Apartheid Museum Website
2004 Sappi Think Ahead Awards
Best Portfolio
Portfolio of the Year  
2005 The Open Window
Best Student, Layout and Web  
2004 The Open Window
Best Student, Layout and Web  
2003 The Open Window
Entrant per Invitation  
2003 RIBA Presiden't Medals
Student Team Project



My name is Jacques Kleynhans. I was born and raised in Harrismith, South Africa. I used to be a badass chess player, I'm not anymore. I used to do a lot of things that I don't anymore. I studied at The Open Window School of Visual Communication. I majored in a bunch of things. I'm pretty good at drawing stuff, and animating stuff and designing stuff... I guess you might say I can do a bunch of stuff. I really like what I do, so if you're so inclined - gimme a call - and I can do a bunch of stuff for you.


99c - Sloppy Seconds
Wolves Cafe, Johannesburg 2010

Remaining artworks from 99c Drawing Show was moved to Wolves Cafe.


99c Drawing Exhibition
Platform on 18th, Pretoria 2010

27 Artists from South Africa and Belgium contributed to this drawing show. The focus was on naive aesthetic.

I contributed 24 works, under the name "noelkudo".


City Slickers Poster Exhibition
+27, Pretoria 2009

Close to 140 Artists from around the world contributed to this show. The proceeds, mostly going to charity. It visited Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.


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